18 May 2013


I was pretty bummed when I ordered Gabifresh's new galaxy fatkini and a few days later received that dreaded e-mail that my order had been cancelled. Then I realized...how flippin' awesome is it that half of Gabi Gregg's new plus-size swimsuit line for Swimsuits4All sold out within hours? Her collection included two statement pieces, the galaxy print two-piece and the one-piece meshed paint splatter beauty, along with two neon bikinis and a galaxy cover-up. Luckily, I still managed to get my orders in for the one-piece, the lime fatkini and the cover-up. Stay tuned for photo shoots in these gorgeous suits!  Probably in Majorca, summer break 2013.

Anyway, cyberspace has been buzzing since the release of the Gabifresh line last Wednesday. Outraged ladies have sent countless complaints about their canceled orders (can't blame them there since I too was a mixture of pissed off and borderline depressive). Fashion bloggers have re-posted the below photos (again, can't blame them because we're FINALLY seeing actual plus-size women modeling swimwear). And tons of women everywhere embraced this line and in turn, their curves. But one of the best pieces of coverage I've seen thus far is this interview with Gabi herself by Teen Vogue. A friend of mine from NYU, and formed Teen Vogue intern sent along this article and I had to pass it along. So check it out, NOW: Gabifresh talking directly about her "Totally On-Trend Plus-Size Swimwear Collection," by Claire Knebl. And while you're at it, definitely check out my aforementioned friend's blog, Carrie Wintour.

P.S. Some pieces are still available on Swimsuits4All, but my guess is not for long, so jump on that!

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  1. […] for a young woman?  I like to think social perceptions on weight are changing.  Something like Gabifresh’s swimwear shoot for Swimsuits4All wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago.  God forbid a normal-sized women model a bikini… […]

  2. I luckily was one of the few to get the galaxy print bikini, totally by chance as I was on instagram when they posted it was online, but I am still waiting for it as I am in itally and shipping takes long...

  3. I hope it gets to you soon! I was lucky and managed to get it when it came back in stock one evening for a few minutes!

  4. […] all remember that Gabi Gregg’s swimsuit collection was beyond a hit (the galaxy bikini selling out overnight!). But I essentially stalked the website until it came […]


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