16 April 2013

My Love For Nicolette Mason

One of my dreams came true when I met Nicolette Mason.  My girl crush on this plus-size fashion guru has been continually growing since she became Marie Claire’s “Big Girl in a Skinny World” columnist, so when I landed my internship at MC, I hoped and hoped I’d stumble upon her in the office.  Finally, hoping paid off.

It was hard not to be a bit starstruck by Nicolette.  She was beautiful.  And I don’t mean the kind of, “oh a nice-looking girl” beautiful.  I mean, “holy crap she’s gorgeous,” beautiful.  Porcelain face.  Designer threads.  Rocking, curvy body.  Yes… epic #girlcrush.

Obviously I had to ask for an interview, and I found Nicolette had a lot of amazing insight into the world of plus-size fashion and blogging…well, obviously.

Nicolette never tried to brand herself as a plus-size blogger.  She studied design at the Parson’s New School and was always interested in fashion, but she says that the plus-size blogger label was, “more an identity that people have put onto me than I’ve put onto myself, because I’m a fashion writer and I happen to be fat.”

When she said the word “fat” there was no negative connotation leeching on.  She embraced the term – proud of her curvaceous-ness.

It was in 2012 that Nicolette quit her day job to focus on blogging and cultivating her job in fashion.   “I did a lot of odd jobs freelancing, babysitting and tutoring.  Anything I could do to still allow myself the time and energy to make this career in fashion work,” she said.  And before she knew it, she was landing jobs with Vogue Italia and Marie Claire.

“The fact that I’m blogging professionally is crazy to me,” said Mason.  “Circumstance, luck and a lot of hard work got me here.  I now have the column, a YouTube channel and I do TV appearances and a lot of consulting for Marie Claire as well.”


What Nicolette finds coolest about plus blogging is that there isn’t just one type of blogger out there.  “In the plus world, the major players all have such different styles and aesthetics,” she said.  “There’s a lot more diversity – a lot more representations of race and economic status, and that’s just not really seen in the straight size world, where more top tier bloggers are white and somewhat affluent.”

Obviously it still takes talent and uniqueness to get to the top in plus writing.  So what made Nicolette stand out?  “I’m very conscious of design and aesthetics – creating a nice and positive visual experience,” she said.  “I’m just a positive person, and that’s really infectious.  The fact that I’ve curated this world online that’s pretty rose tinted and powering really attracts people.”

As for plus-size celeb hopefuls, Nicolette offered some advice.  “If you want to be in plus-size fashion, I don’t know if blogging is going to be the path to do it,” she said.  “Print media has a stigma toward bloggers.  Gabi at inStyle, Taneesha at Redbook and I have all been very lucky. But going to school and studying journalism, rising through the ranks in a magazine is still going to be very valued in the print world.  That’s the right way to achieve that if it’s your goal.  The bottom line is hard work, good taste, having good writing skills and curating skills. Those factors are not going to change.”

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