11 April 2013

Crystal Renn's Future Clothing Line Will Accomodate Women of ALL Sizes


If ever there was a model I related to, it's Crystal Renn. Her up's and down's of weight rival those of Oprah herself, and whether Renn is at a high or low, it's never been good enough for the world.  Size 12 was too small to be a plus-size model; size 4 was too big to be a straight size one.  No matter the number on the scale, she was always not enough or too much or insert negative comment here.

I've been there.  I've been thin, but I was called "too skinny" -- sick looking.  I've been big, but called "too big" -- at risk for getting sick.  Which is ironic because I was actually sick when I was thin (but that's a whole other story you guys have probably already heard me go on about).  If there's one thing I learned from being on both sides of the weight spectrum, it's that there is NO, and I mean NO clothing line that will cater to whatever size you are.  You will find clothes specifically designed for "regular" sizes, or you'll find ones designed for "plus-sizes."  No in betweens, no meshing, no "one-size-fits-all."  It's one or the other.  But maybe Crystal Renn will change that.

I remember in 2010, Renn had told reporters that her dream was to design a plus-size fashion line.  At the time, I thought that was a fabulous idea.  But then she lost a lot of weight and left the plus-size fashion industry and I got a bit disheartened.  A few days ago, however, she told Derek Blasberg at The Edit, "A big goal for me is to design a fashion line with body diversity in mind."  Color me curious.

If what the media is saying is accurate, Renn meant that she wants to design a line for everyone -- for the size 2 and the size 22.  And this is something that's just never been done.

With all the boxes plus-size women throw themselves into regarding "flattering" apparel, it makes sense to me that no line has yet to bring every size together.  Too many plus-size women are into shapewear and "finding what will make me look thinnest," to ever think the clothes designed for thin women would look good on them.

Rompers? Ew. Short shorts? But my cellulite! Anything not black?  Never!

To be succinct -- I find such statements as those above asinine.

So, I'm intrigued about Renn's idea.  Will her goal be to design clothing that "flatters" any body type -- an impossibility, according to the design world thus far?  Or will her designs help women get the "don'ts of plus-size" out of their heads, and try out different kinds of fashion?  Either way, I am positively curious and excited to see what unveils itself.  Obviously she has no set date for launching a line, but knowing the speed at which that woman goes, I can't imagine it'll be long.

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  1. Please check this out, Marie, and choose the one you like! ;)


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