28 April 2013

Because Of Gabi Gregg

Gabi Gregg.Is.Genius.

Before Gabi Gregg, the blogosophere was void of any daring pro-plus-size content.  I'm sure you had the occasional blog here and there that attempted to put a positive spin on being fat, or that served as a confidence-boosting venue for those struggling with a negative body image.  But she's the one who found a way of doing it that not only appealed to other plus-size women, but to everyone really -- albeit especially those plus-size ladies who love clothes and fashion but are often told to watch what they wear.  She wasn't encouraging weight loss, or telling women where to find slimming outfits.  She wasn't saying, "here's everything you need to change about yourself if you want to be happy."  She was doing the opposite.  She was saying, "who cares if this makes you look fatter, it's sexy and you should wear it!"

We all know plus-size blogging has seen a boom in the past year -- an explosion of fat-pride has led to dozens of blogs and sites and plus-size lines that all encourage larger ladies to embrace self-love and empower themselves by wearing crop tops and leather.  But it was "Gabifresh", originally called "Young, Fat and Fabulous" that really set the movement going.  It was when a beautiful, size 18 lady pummeled the concepts of "form-fitting," and "slimming-prints" and pretty much said, "I'm beautiful, I'm fat, I'm going to wear whatever the hell I want."

She's one of the lucky ones -- perhaps because she was the first.  Gabi has turned her blog into a full-time occupation AND been hired as inStyle's plus-size columnist.  She's turned her fat pride and fashion-forward interests into her career -- something I for one would love to do.  Recently she posted "Top Ten Outfits of 2012" on "Gabifresh," and as I look at her and her style and her apparent confidence, I start to think about how this young woman DID help pave that fat pride road.  I'm sure a lot was already being done for weight acceptance prior to Gabi Gregg -- but what the movement needed was someone like her to really get people thinking and talking and acting.  I thought it appropriate to re-post her top 10 photos.  I know she inspires me, so maybe she'll inspire you.  It isn't simply that she puts a pretty face to fat pride, it's that she puts an intelligent, beautiful, daring, adventurous face to it.

Gabi Gregg 1

Gabi Gregg 2

Gabi Gregg 3

Gabi Gregg 4

Gabi Gregg 5

Gabi Gregg 6

Gabi Gregg 7

Gabi Gregg 8

Gabi Gregg 9

Gabi Gregg 10


  1. You beat me to it, I was thinking of doing a post on this darling woman, but you have said it all so succinctly. As always, a well done and beautifully well written power inspiring post.

  2. I love her. I want to raid her closet.

  3. You could still do a post on her -- I feel she deserves several posts to be written on her. Thank you, as always, for reading and commenting :)

  4. I'll admit that I watch "What Not To Wear" and I tend to follow their advice and try not to wear clothes that are considered unflattering. That being said, for all the plus-size fashion no no's that she wears, she rocks them amazingly!

  5. I think if you're following that advice because you genuinely like the clothes as well there's nothing wrong with that! But I know many women who don't like the "flattering" outfits they've been advised to wear but buy them anyway because they're frightened of looking bigger. That's what makes me sad, but yeah Gabi Gregg completely rocks all the no nos so I'm sure many plus size ladies could do so as well!

  6. I think a lot of it is in the confidence one exudes while wearing it.

  7. Definitely. I think on a personal level I have been trying to exude more confidence but it is quite the challenge.


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