22 April 2013

And The Plus-Size Blogging Craze Continues

Courtesy of Marie Denee
Just last week, Style Blazer, the self-proclaimed “progressive, cutting-edge site geared towards chic, style-driven women across the globe” announced they were adding a plus-size columnist to their ranks of rockin’ writers – making it the sixth mainstream publication in the U.S. to do so.  The new plus guru: Marie Denee.

Marie Denee has been running the blog “The Curvy Fashionista,” for a few years now.  She started it not so much because of an innate love for fashion, but because she felt curvy women needed a resource.  “I wanted to be the site women could go to and check out what stores were carrying what lines – what new styles were out where – what size range a certain outfit had.”  It wasn’t long before she had approximately 20,000 followers…numbers most bloggers can only dream about.

Since she started blogging four years ago, Marie has turned plus-size news and fashion into her life.  She’s become a fashion editor at Plus Model Magazine; she’s contributed to Vogue Curvy (another seemingly unattainable fashion feat); she’s started sharing her own “boho-luxe meets punk rock” outfits for the cyber world to see; she’s even started teaching a fashion course at a California college, her home state.  Now, of course, she’ll be Style Blazer’s main curvy columnist.  Curves have taken over her life, and she couldn’t be more excited.

“When I started ‘Curvy Fashionista’ I would never have thought that a few years down the line this would be my work,” she said.  “I get to make bigger women feel good about themselves for a job.  Are you kidding me?  It’s unbelievable.”

Marie chatted effortlessly about her now obsession with plus fashion and writing – so effortlessly, in fact, that it was easy to forget she was essentially a stranger.  So when asked what sets her apart from other bloggers, she said, “I think it’s my ‘girlfriend’ tone.  I write the way I speak – which is as though I were just talking to my buddies.  It’s relateable and makes people comfortable.”

Something else that’s made her stand out: she’s not 20!  Most plus bloggers – most fashion bloggers, even – are 20-somethings aspiring to be the next Kate Moss or Robyn Lawley.  Marie, who is in her later thirties, brings something new to the table.  “I’m at an age where I’m not going to frat parties but I’m not ready to shop the grandma lines,” she said.  “I think women of all ages can find something in my style advice or my own outfits.  I can appeal to a varied range more than a younger, 20-year-old might.”

And that she does…just look at the frikin color-blocked top!

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