11 March 2013

Emerald + Plus-Size = YES

Pantone has announced that 2013's color of the year is emerald, and I couldn't be more pleased.  Green (any shade of it!) is my favorite color, which means that the fact that this year will see an emerald takeover in everything from fashion to makeup to home wear makes me sufficiently pleased.  I thought I'd collect some of my favorite emerald items of 2013 thus far.  This list will probably get longer as the year goes by (and can I just say, it's going by so fast!), but thus far, here are the cutest products in clothing, beauty and accessories, perfect for any plus-size lady looking to show off those curves or add some emerald dazzle to an outfit.

Emerald Plus Size

ModCloth's "Esther Williams Bathing Beauty" may not show too much, but it's sure to highlight any hourglass bod.  I'm thinking this will be my swimsuit of the year.
Emerald Plus Size
I LOVE Igigi.  They make some of the classiest plus-size pieces out there, and apparently they do accessories as well.  This Monaco Clutch is sure to complement any curvy gal's outfit.

Emerald Plus Size
I never used to get peticoats, but something tells me that pairing this Domino Dollhouse one with a spandex bodysuit and perhaps some Creepers would be ridiculously cute...I kind of want to do it...soon.

Emerald Makeup
Estee Lauder's "Emerald Oasis" palette is gorgeous.  I'm going to get this a.s.a.p. and create some lovely shading on my lids.

Emerald Plus Size
Any curvy lady in today's world has got to befriend ASOS Curve.  If you don't believe me, check out this emerald skater skirt!

I for one will definitely be going green this year ;)


  1. That emerald green bathing suit is gorgeous! I never used to be a fan of green, but it's turning into one of my new favourite colours, so this should be a good season for me!

  2. I ADORE the bathing suit. It's not quite spring yet but as soon as it is I think I'm going to get it. I think I just like emerald in general! Thanks for commenting :)


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