21 February 2013

Vintage Plus-Size: Yet Another Reason I Wish I Had Lived In the 20s And30s

Imagno; Getty Images

Ideas of "beauty" come in waves.  I often long to have lived in the 1920s and 30s so I could fully appreciate everything from the music to the literature to the fashion.  I long to wear pinbox hats and flapper getups, while listening to jazz at a tiny nightclub in New Orleans.   I would have loved to stalk Fitzgerald and Hemmingway and hear of their adventures during prohibition or wartime.  But I also long to know what it was like for plus-size women to be so much more appreciated than they are today.  I couldn't resist sharing this photo -- partly just because it made me smile, but also because it's useful to look at the past and see how things have changed, both for the better and for the worse.


  1. All the wonders in life come round again my dear.

    That which has been appreciated and loved in the past shall be adored and praised in the future. Be it the appreciation of the plus-size women in the 1870's, the 1920's, or even the vivacious bombshell pin-up girls of the 1950's, man realizes in time what he truly desires.

    It is painful to wait, I know this indeed, but be patient with me and we shall soon see that which we are, love, adore and respect come back to mean beautiful and wonderful things.

  2. There is a change coming about


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