04 February 2013

The Trouble With Waist Belts

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If there is one trend I truly dislike these days, it’s waist belts.  I’ve heard all the arguments in support of this irritatingly unclassy accessory:

“They highlight my waist instead of my belly.”

“They draw attention to my breasts."

“If I don’t wear one, I will look twice as big inside this baggy dress.”

Well, my response to the preceding rationalizations for hiding body fat is as follows: who cares?

I’m so tired of all the “fashion no-no’s” set aside for plus-size women.  We can’t wear mixed patterns.  We can’t wear clothes that are too tight and bulge revealing, but we also can’t wear clothes that are too baggy because then our curves will disappear entirely.  We can’t do this.  We can’t do that.  Honestly, who establishes these rules?  Certainly no one I know.  While I’m not trying to play the role of “fat girl against the world,” it honestly pains me to read the lists that have been made for women like me to dictate what we can and cannot wear.  Take waist belts for instance.

Though I do not know when this trend began – I assume it was a while back, as I remember being given dresses that came with waist belts attached to them whilst in high school – I have grown to see that it is simply another accessory meant to hide a plus-size woman’s body.  It’s another accessory that says, “I’m ashamed of how I look, so I’m using this to try and hide my pooch.”

Please don’t take offence if you happen to like waist belts.  I’m aware that thin women wear them as well, but when I think of slender icons of elegance and fashion – perhaps Keira Knightley or Natalie Portman or Anne Hathaway or Marion Cotillard, I can’t imagine any of these women rocking the waist belt accessory.  Point blank: it just isn’t attractive.  If anything, it creates an odder figure.  Instead of allowing your stomach to remain in its pure state, waist belts divide it in half, creating both an upper roll and a lower one.  And honestly…if you wear them enough I have a feeling that upper roll will end up permanently engraving itself into your tummy.  And though I have nothing against natural double bellies, somehow I think a double belly created by an uncomfortable metal/leather/plastic thing will look far from natural.

I won’t lie, I used to wear waist belts.  In fact, I still do from time to time as certain clothing items come with them as an attachment and there isn’t much to be done really.  If I like a dress, I’m getting the dress whether it comes accessorized or not.  And I suppose that is the ultimate point, as it usually is.  If you like something, just wear it.  No one can dictate what you can and cannot wear – how you can and cannot look, unless you allow them to.  If you like waist belts because you happen to find that they really do make your boobs and waist look phenomenal, well then by all means, rock the waist belt.  But if you only wear them because they hide your tummy, conceal your fat, make you look “slim” then perhaps reconsider – because you’ll make a far better impression out there in the long run as someone who owns their body as opposed to someone who tries their best to hide it from the world.


  1. I agree; there are far too many rules for women, especially curvy women. It's not so much about what you wear as how you carry yourself in it. It's about attitude. If you think it looks good on you then wear it for goodness sake!

  2. Oh, and I can't stand it when people say "I'll wear that when I lose weight" or worse "I'm not going to buy anything pretty until I lose weight"

  3. Hey Elizabeth! Sorry I'm just getting back to you now. It was such a busy week. But as per usual I agree with what you just said. I detest when anyone, male or female, thinks they can't possibly look attractive unless they lose weight. I think a BBW is likely to look just as good in a gorgeous outfit as a thin woman; it's all about having the confidence to wear what you want and not be afraid that something won't look good if it's tight or body hugging. I think some of the most beautiful female bodies I've seen are those of heavyset ladies.

  4. Lol,no problem, I can relate completely.


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