28 February 2013

Rebel Wilson to Host 2013 MTV Awards

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Below is the extended version of an article I wrote for Marie Claire, which you can find here.

We’re a little over a month away from this year’s MTV Awards, and I’ve just learned (a few months after the announcement) that Rebel Wilson with be hosting this year.  Rebel isn’t exactly what you’d call a household name.  Granted, she was the star of Pitch Perfect (but I for one can’t say I really care to see Pitch Perfect now or ever) and she played (awesomely played I should say) Kristen Wiig’s freeloading housemate in Bridesmaids (a role which I found extraordinarily quirky and perfect despite featuring very litter).  But besides these roles, and her overall role as a stand-up comic (which unless you’re a comedy aficionado I suppose you wouldn’t know about this anyway), she’s just not that renowned.  I’m thinking, however, that the MTV Awards will probably be changing this.

I bring this up because one of Rebel’s many talents (and she really does have a ton of talent) is her apparent confidence – the kind of confidence that’s pretty rare to find in anyone, let alone in a plus-size woman, and which I imagine is even harder to maintain when the only other famous Australian actress out there is Nicole Kidman, who we all know does not have an ounce of fat on her body and whose legs go on for three miles.  But Rebel always seems elated – a true enjoyer of life (something not easy to do, because, well, life kind of sucks sometimes…or, most of the time).  She seems genuinely pleased inside her body, and is often seen wearing clothing that reveal quite a bit of it.  No, not skimpy clothing, but tight, form-fitting apparel – like the belly-revealing outfit she wore in Bridesmaids, or the horizontal-striped top you see here (one of the many ridiculous plus-size fashion no-nos out there).  If she has any qualms about her body, she sure as hell doesn’t let anyone know.  But I genuinely (and I know, who am I to say this, really) don’t think she does.

Something I’ve also noticed when it comes to this pretty blonde, plus-size beauty, is that no one seems to care that she’s plus-size.  From what I know, her character in Pitch Perfect was called “Fat Amy” but it was a self-given nickname created because she’d rather call herself fat and be proud of it than have any “twig bitch” (Amy’s term, not mine!) say it behind her back.  This is, perhaps, the one thing that sparks my interest in Pitch Perfect, because I wonder if it’s this role and Rebel’s self-awareness and pride in being big that’s made it so hard for anyone to complain about her body.  I mean, calling someone “fat” when they openly call themselves fat with a smile on their face just isn’t going to be insulting (not that it should be insulting anyway, but as noted in the previous paragraph, life kind of sucks sometimes…or, most of the time).

Anyway, I present this because I’m pretty proud of the MTV Awards for choosing Rebel as their host.  It’s been years since there’s been a female host, and moreover, it’s been years since the MTV Awards have actually been good (in recent years, Twilight has won far too many awards for my tastes and featured far too many almost-kisses and feigned awkwardness by RPatt and KStew).  But maybe the 2013 awards will be a turn-around.  I mean, I for one think this past year has seen some incredible film releases – from The Hobbit to Beasts of the Southern Wild to Argo to Life of Pi.  And now that Twilight is finally over, maybe there’s nowhere to go but up again.  Adding a plus-size, comedian actress to the mix is bound to create something that is if not better, then at least far more memorable than we’ve seen in recent years.

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