10 February 2013

Prabal Gurung Comes To Target - AND Has Some Plus-Sizes

Continuing along with the general idea that I truly cannot wait for spring, I figured I should let you all know that Nepalese American designer Prabal Gurung is collaborating with Target this season, and the result in something pretty spectacular.  Then again, I've loved Target since I was 10, I've loved Prabal Gurung since he launched his first collection in '09 and I love bright colors and floral prints, so I guess there was no way I wasn't going to love this collection.

What I adore about these pieces are that the vast majority are crazily bright and bold.  To be honest, I find immense pleasure in defying all the fat girl taboos out there -- "no neon colors or wacky prints" among them.  I love florals; I love bright yellow; I love trippy, ink-blotted patterns, and I just couldn't care less if those things make me look bigger.  In fact, sometimes I find such things emphasize my curves, and I have no shame in saying I like that.  I can see myself in every single item from the collection, and that's pretty rare for me (unless we're talking about ModCloth).  Unfortunately, unlike most Target brands, Prabal Gurung only carries up to sizes 16 and XL, but by the looks of it, everything (from shorts to skirts to dresses to tops) is stretchy, so I recommend checking out the line.  I'm right at the 16/18, XL/2XL cusp, so chances are a lot of these items will definitely be snug on me, but that doesn't automatically mean they won't look adorable, so...I'm pretty sure I'm going to Target soon.  For a general idea of what to expect, check out the photos below, or go to the main Prabal Gurung for Target site:

Prabal Gurung 3 Prabal Gurung 2 Prabal Gurung 12 Prabal Gurung 7 Prabal Gurung 6 Prabal Gurung 10 Prabal Gurung 11 Prabal Gurung 5 Prabal Gurung 1 Prabal Gurung 4 Prabal Gurung 9


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