10 February 2013

Fat Acceptance And Tea

I'm so glad to have received a notification from a fellow plus-size blogger today.  Jana from the Tumblr blog, "Fat Acceptance and Tea," shared a link to her blog with me, and I already love it and everything it stands for -- and this isn't just because there was a picture of Plump Princess on the blog's Facebook page, although that certainly helped.  By the looks of it, "Fat Acceptance and Tea" posts body positive, fat pride images, and as we all know, a picture can say a thousand words.  I've re-blogged some of my favorite photos here:

I can't help but love the classic Venus pose, especially when done as beautifully as this and, of course, when featuring such a lovely, voluptuous woman.  Her body art gives this an almost majestic feel, like we can't quite be sure if this woman is real or not.  I know if she is real I'd definitely love to meet her though.

Fat Pride 4
Feeling dehumanized when you're overweight is obviously a problem.  It isn't just the blatantly rude comments or stares by strangers and passerby's that do it, but I remember some of those "closest" to me making me feel the worst growing up.  I don't know if they meant to do it, probably not, but I used to think there was something wrong with me for being a little fat as a kid and then as a teen.  But for all those larger lovelies out there reading this, I really hope if there's anything you gain from all my rants and musings, it's the knowledge that you're damn beautiful, wobbly bits and all.  In fact, wobbly bits especially!

Fat Pride 3
Ok, so I kind of fell in love with this woman.  She's so beautiful that my eyes have literally started to hurt from staring so intently at this photo.  That face and those curves are simply breathtaking..ok I will stop now.  You get it.

Fat Pride 2

The ultimate message I try to get out there.  I must admit, though, I love her methods of delivering it!

Fat Pride


  1. I've found that those people who have a problem with some else's body have issues of their own. People don't like to be alone in their misery so they try to drag others down with them. At one time my best friend would make comments about fat girls. Though she never called me fat, it still hurt my feelings, until I realized that she had major esteem issues of her own. It's hard not to become angry at the ones that are hateful toward "fat" people, but the truth is that they are trying to make themselves feel better and they don't know how. So I wonder if the best way to handle haters is to tell them that they are beautiful too. It may not change them (probably won't) but maybe it will give that one person the boost they need to love themselves.

  2. It's true. I think we've discussed this before. However, I do think unfortunately some people just enjoy picking on others and finding so-called flaws. While I do think the person some "haters" hate most is themselves, I also think the sad reality is that many people find nothing better to do than make others feel bad.

  3. Yes, we've discussed this before. Society looks for a scapegoat and ever since at least WWI overweight people have become one of the scapegoats for what is wrong with the country. True there are just some people out there that are just plain nasty but their issue is the same: it's easier to point fingers and to blame than to turn that finger around and point it at themselves.

  4. Hola., que hermosa eres, Eres un angel de Dios.


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