21 January 2013

Igigi (EE-Zhee-Zhee): Fashion Inspired By A Goddess

Courtesy of Plus Model Magazine

Thanks to the San Francisco Gate and Plus Model Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones, I've discovered a new plus-size designer and couldn't help sharing her with you all.

The Ukrainian-born and San Francisco based designer and high fashion guru Yuliya Raquel started Igigi back in 2000 -- but I'm pretty sure it was her recent "Cinema Retro Collection" that really plunged her into the spotlight.  This insanely talented woman has created a line for ladies whom she describes as, "stylish, confident and empowered, who appreciate the beauty in all things in life."  Now I'm not sure I appreciate the beauty in ALL things in life, but I certainly appreciate the beauty in the majority of her pieces, especially the cinema retro ones.  Being that she drew inspiration from icons of film, beauty and grace, primarily Marilyn Monroe, Sofia Loren and Brigitte Bardot, and being that I not only love these three women but also have a bit of an obsession with all things vintage/retro/antique, it was inevitable that I would plunge headfirst into a love affair with Igigi.

The name Igigi itself comes from that of an ancient goddess -- this bit of a poem is included in the "About Yuliya" section of the website:

Praise the goddess, the most awesome of the goddesses.
Let one revere the mistress of the peoples, the greatest of the Igigi.
She is clothed in pleasure and love.
She is laden with vitality, charm, and voluptuousness.

It is this goddess whom Yuliya chose to name her line after, and it's easy to see why.  It seems Igigi possesses not only vitality and charm, but voluptuousness -- and she apparently knew how to dress up her curves as well.  Though named after a mythological goddess, it seems to me that Yuliya's main goal is to cater to all real plus-size women.  She seems to recognize the void in the plus-size market, and though some of her pieces seem to be targeted at a somewhat older demographic, I have no doubt younger gals can find something to fall in love with as well -- whether that be a trendy and fun 60s-esque polka dot dress, evening wear for a formal occasion, a heavy coat to help get through the next few winter months, or perhaps a vintage wedding dress if you're soon to be tying the knot.

See for yourself -- though I've only included a select few pieces below, there's a ton more to see on the main Igigi site, accessories as well!

Courtesy of Igigi Courtesy of Igigi Courtesy of Igigi Courtesy of Igigi Courtesy of Igigi


  1. These pictures are so full of color and energy, I believe seriously --is how a woman should look like . The collection is simple georgeous . Good job!

  2. Very beautiful pieces...thank you for sharing! Now, how to afford them, lol.

  3. Haha I know the feeling. Some things are in the $60 range, which isn't bad at all luckily!


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