10 January 2013

Calling All Fat-Loving Artists


We're calling on all fat-loving artists, those who adore big, beautiful women and/or big, handsome men, who have a flare for capturing the beauty they perceive in the larger form. The hope is that through art, we can express to the world what this beauty really looks like in our hearts and through our eyes -- this beauty that too many misunderstand, dismiss or even fight against.

Fractal Fish Graphics 
A personal painting, drawing, sketch or digital illustration (like the ones featured above, inspired by yours truly and created by my lovely boyfriend) can go a long way in expressing said beauty.  I know that other forms of art, photographic for instance, can convey heartfelt sentiments just as strongly, but for this particular gathering of art, I'd like to stick to hand-drawn/painted/illustrated work.  Photos serve to capture moments, and with those moments, of course, often beauty.  But something you've made yourself can capture the beauty as you truly see and feel it as opposed to what it may actually look like to a passerby; this campaign is about feeling over form, capturing one or many emotions that are triggered by witnessing great beauty. If you feel like supporting the cause and personifying to us all what it is you relish about rotundness and the roly-poly, please send submissions to: frutica.gordita@gmail.com


  • Hand-drawn, painted, sketched, stencils, cut-outs, images of sculptures, digitally illustrated images, etc. -- please no photographs.

  • No full-frontal nudity; boobs and bottoms are fine but please no foo-foos or winky winks.

  • Please no thumbnail size images; we want high resolution artwork.  At minimum 500x500 pixels, or thereabouts.  There is no limit to how big the image can be, but please be aware that Wordpress will compress the initial displayed image.  Bear in mind that an original image that is too large may take too long to load on some people's computers and might not get seen in its full glory.

  • Deadline: approximately February 11, 2013.  This allots about a month to work on your artwork, but if not enough images are submitted by then the deadline will probably be extended.

Please don't be disheartened if your artwork cannot be featured amongst the final ten which will be a glowing
baconbeacon of fat pride.


  1. What are the requirements?

  2. And when do we have to have it submitted? Thank you. Beautiful picture by the way, tell your boyfriend he did a wonderful job!

  3. He says thank you so much!

    The main requirement is that it should be a drawing, painting, sketch, graphic/digital illustration.

    Also no crazy small images so the quality looks good online, no smaller than 500x500 pixels.

    No full frontal nudity as well -- let's keep it classy ;)

    The deadline is ideally February 11, so one month from now.

    I can't wait for your submission!

  4. Ok, thank you!

  5. I am here my Dear. Now, does this have to be a image if some kind? I am not what you would call graphically gifted by any stretch of the imagination, but I can paint a pretty picture as a poem if you like.

  6. That's so sweet. I think for the campaign I would like to stick to images but if you'd like to write a poem I would really like to dedicate a post to it! That'd be lovely.

  7. I will see what I can do in the graphic artistry department as well as write you something.


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