05 January 2013

Bring On The Curves: 12 BBWs To Keep An Eye On In 2013

I have this feeling about 2013.  Normally when the new year arrives I cannot help but fall into melancholia brought on by the sinking feeling that I am about to undergo 12 new months of the same old routine -- 12 months of school, of unpaid internships, of the same drunken parties, of...boring.  But 2013 is different.  I am far from distress, far from anxiety, far from bored.  While I know the dangers of high expectations, I cannot help but feel optimistic -- as though strange and wonderful things will be happening this year.  Perhaps this is beacause I will finally end the tedious but necessary task of completing a four-year degree.  Perhaps it is because I am starting off the new year with travels abroad.  Perhaps it is because I'm somewhat certain this last school year in New York will bring upon new and exhilarting friendships.  Or perhaps it is because it's the first year I will spend entirely confident and at ease in my own body.  It's the first year that I've started straight off with confidence in my body and myself overall.

But enough about me.  Confidence and self acceptance are difficult traits to possess, and I believe they're even more difficult to possess if you are a plus-size woman.  So I'd like to start the new year off by highlighting 12 big, beautiful and bold women who I admire in one way or another -- whose images have helped me in my journey toward full body love.  Twelve women who I may not know and may never meet, but who I love seeing in one capacity or another, be it television, live music or modeling shoots.  Twelve women who I'm sure will continue rocking their plus-size bods and style this new year.

12: Nikki Blonsky

Nikki Blonsky 

11: Charlotte Coyle

Charlotte Coyle 

10: Plump Princess

Plump Princess 

9: Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy 

8: Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe 

7: Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto 

6: Adele


5: Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn 

4: Nicolette Mason

Nicolette Mason 

3: Stella Boonshoft

Stellla Boonshoft 

2: Gabi Gregg

Gabi Gregg 

1: Ragini Nag Rao

Ragini Rag Nao 


  1. Yet again you post with power, passion and a wonder that I envy in you every time I see your work.

    I too have positive feelings about this year, your will achieve all of what you desire with the wonderful and powerful attitude you have toward these things.

    The women you picked, Goddesses of stage and screen and more, are so beautiful and confident, powerful and wonderful in so many different ways and I thank you for the wondrous collection you put together, yet again.

  2. This will be a great year!...I hope lol

  3. I am super proud of you, you are am amazing girl and God has tons of great surprises for you this year. I can see you raising higher every day. Have a great year my Darling daughter . I love you very much!

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  5. I nominated you: http://wp.me/2wsMJ

  6. I need to be on this list :P x

  7. Haha trueeee! If you want you can send a pic and I will add you!


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