11 December 2012

WHY Is Plus-Size Model Magazine STILL Getting Backlash For Its JanuaryIssue?


KatiaJan2012_5 Plus size models test

I know this issue of Plus-Size Model Magazine is almost a year old, but it resurfaced today as I was doing my plus-size news-Google-quest, and it appeared due to people STILL commenting on it 11 months later. PSMM is always at the heart of weight controversy...with negative backlash coming at it from every outlet, be it Twitter, Facebook, nutritionists, fitness aficionados or by independent bloggers.  But why?  I found one recent comment regarding the January 2012 issue that said, "I think your magazine is misrepresenting certain facts in this article."  The supposed misrepresented "facts" were the statistics on the average weight and sizes of models, accompanied by the other well-known fact that most runway models have a Body Mass Index in the "anorexic" or "severely underweight" category.  How anyone could doubt these facts, let alone deem them false is inexplicable.  But regardless, I thought it was worth posting the photos that brought about so much controversy.

I always applaud plus-size models who go nude for professional shoots.  Despite this idea that has been suggested they actually pose nude "too much" (which I just don't think would be an issue if we were discussing thin models), I think it's remarkably brave to showcase one's plus-size body in its purest form in the world and time we live in.  Plus-size nude photo shoots get more criticism than Brittney did when she shaved her head.  Yet the models in question continue posing beautifully and boldly.  It's true that posing nude requires immense confidence and bravery no matter what size or weight you are, and for that reason any ladies who do so deserve quite the acclaim.  But as a plus-size model, knowing that a plethora of people are going to try to rip apart your body and mock every bump, stretch mark or bit of cellulite on it if you pose naked for a magazine, and then posing regardless of this knowledge, is amazing.


  1. I am working of having this kind of courage.

  2. These women are BEAUTIFUL and should be celebrated and seen!!! The fact that seeing average women without their clothes on makes people uncomfortable is exactly why magazines/articles such as these are so important to put out there. Hopefully it will inspire individuals to open their minds to women of all sizes and appreciate some soft, sexy curves ; ) Thank you for opening up this discussion.

  3. Absolutely agree. The "plus-size" model is not even overweight. If a beautiful, average size woman posing nude makes people uncomfortable the problem is far larger than I ever thought. I am such a fan of Plus Model Magazine for taking risks and doing shoots like this though, it needs to be done more!

  4. I am as well. I'm sure you will achieve it!


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