12 December 2012

What Guys Say: Confident Fat Girl Vs. Insecure Skinny One?

Courtesy of Glamour

Back in August Glamour surveyed 1000 men of all ages, sizes and races and found out all sorts of fun stuff -- from how long MOST guys want sex to last (15-19 minutes) to what most men would want to experience if they were females (a vaginal orgasm...shocker there) to the fact that Megan Fox is favored over President Obama as a dinner date.  Now...as we all know, statistics don't tell it all.  What's 1000 men in the scheme of the billions alive?  But I gotta say, the statistic that revealed 780 out of 1000 men would prefer a plus-size and confident gal to an insecure supermodel made me smile.

I think the factor here isn't weight per say, but confidence.  When it comes down to it, size/weight/body type are all aesthetic qualities we each perceive differently.  Some men prefer their women skinny, others prefer the old cushion for the pushin'.  But at the end of the day, I really believe most men (and women for that matter) want a confident partner.  No one wants to hear a size 2 gal rambling on about her latest juice cleanse designated to drop her down to a 00 because 2 is just too big, just as no one wants to hear a size 20 chick going on about how ugly she is because of her many rolls and wobbles.  There's something to be said for every weight, for every size, for every body -- I happen to like that the few times I wear jeans I have a cuddly muffin top situation going on, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate Kate Moss's rockin' boyish figure  -- I'd date her in a heartbeat if I possessed the opposite genitalia...hell, I'd date her regardless.

All in all I'm pretty sure the point of Glamour's survey is that a confident fat girl beats an insecure bony one.  Just as a confident skinny gal beats an insecure plus-size one.  Are you seeing a trend here?  My point is this: embrace your bodies -- your curves if you got 'em, your square hips if you've got those, your rolls if they're jiggling as you walk, even your teeny tiny boobies.  Cheesy as it sounds, it's all beautiful in the end.


  1. Thank you for promoting "body love"; I am so sick of people saying "If you encourage people to love their obese/overweight bodies, then you are encouraging them to be unhealthy".

  2. I am sick of it too. Encouraging people to love their bodies in no way means encouraging them to be unhealthy. While I do think people have the right to live the lifestyle they please, eating as they wish included, my main goals on the blog are to promote body love as it applies to plus size women.


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