06 December 2012

Wendy Williams Wants To See Adele Naked, And I Don't Blame Her

Wendy Williams' PETA Campaign

To be honest…I don’t like Wendy Williams. As far as television hosts go, I suppose she’s ok. But as a human being I find her pretty – no, I mean severely – exasperating. She’s notorious for fabricating her “inside information,” which as a journalist (not that she is a real one) is just about the worst thing you can do. News-watchers, even those who turn to trashy talk show hosts, want to know what’s happening in the actual world…i.e. what’s new – not what Wendy Williams deems nonfiction but which in actuality originates from her imaginative mind. This is probably why 2Pac wrote the lyric, “I pray you choke on the next dick down your throat” (granted that was a large and rude overreaction) after she spread a rumor that he was raped in jail (an unproven accusation). It’s also probably why Mariah Carey and Will Smith and Method Man AND Lil’ Kim have all written lyrics directly telling her to get her facts straight and back out of their personal lives. While I fully support her tell-it-like-it-is attitude, fabricating stories for journalistic purposes, heck, for any purpose, just isn't ok in my book.

I must give Williams credit this time around, however, because not only has she just posed in a nude photo shoot for PETA, but she also made some lovely, pro-plus statements about Adele. Who knows, maybe she’s only got it out for rappers and hip hop stars.

Williams may not be plus-size herself, but of course she’s received the typical media bashing due to her curvaceous figure and perky but large rear end. I understand negative backlash toward her reporting skills, but when it’s toward her body, I’m simply enraged. The woman cannot be over a size 8, and if you look at her PETA photos, her tummy is teeny tiny. Yes, she’s got curves, but she isn’t remotely fat.

Anywho, her photo shoot has sparked quite the attention. With the headline, “I’d rather go naked than wear fur,” Williams essentially wanted to get the point across that people should learn to be comfortable in their own skins while letting the animals keep theirs… I don’t really get the metaphor, and I don’t really get what learning to be comfortable with our naked bodies has to do with animal activism (not that I’m against animal activism, but I’m not about to stop eating meat because of her naked pix). Regardless, though, I was pleased she did the shoot. She may not be plus-size but she’s got a curvy body and clearly isn’t afraid to show it. Furthermore, she’s 48 and I can’t imagine most middle-aged folks, especially women, are confident enough to rock out in their birthday suits.

Wendy Williams Wants To See Adele Naked!

More to the point though, what’s made me very happy is that Williams openly admitted to wanting to see Adele do a nude shoot as well. She told the Huffington Post: “I would like to see Adele naked. As a woman of a particular size myself, there is no hating on skinny girls, but there is nothing interesting about their bodies. I think curves and softness are what separate men from women. Three cheers for girls that are built like fifth grade boys, but there is something to be said for womanly women. Adele with her Gothic figure would look great in PETA ads.”

The only thing I would amend to that statement is the PETA part. Quite frankly, I think Adele would look great doing a nude for any ad. I must admit…Wendy Williams fan or not…I LOVE that quote. She reiterated the string of thoughts going through my mind time and time again: Womanly women are sexy as hell. Curves and softness are lovely. Adele is f***ing beautiful. Like she said, this doesn’t mean there isn’t something to say for women “built like fifth grade boys,” – I truly believe women of all sizes are attractive – but there’s something about a curvaceous, full-figured, plus-size body that is stunning. A bony female body has never taken me aback, but an hourglass one with some soft pudge added to it has the ability to make me stop in my tracks. To be frank, I think the female body is more aesthetically pleasing than the male one in general, and I have no shame admitting I’d rather look at nude photo shoots of Adele or Wendy Williams or Tara Lynn than of Ryan Gosling or Ashton Kutcher or Bradley Cooper (…well, maybe Ryan Gosling is the exception).

So props to Williams on this one. Curvaceous, plus-size bods are just more interesting to look at. Maybe it’s that there’s more to actually take in, maybe it’s the softness, maybe it’s the association fat and beauty have in my mind that comes from years and years of admiring Victorian paintings and reading Anna Karenina and wishing I lived during a time when fat was appreciated and admired and when chunky ladies had suitors lining up through the town. I don’t know why really, but I know Williams got this one right. I couldn’t have said it better myself.


  1. I really like Wendy- I don't care for the celeb gossip but I like that she tells it like it is.

  2. Don't get me wrong! I fully appreciate honest commentary and telling things as they are, and I love what she said about Adele. I just don't think her facts are always 100% accurate.

  3. I agree with you- sometimes her "Hot Topics" are ridiculous!


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