19 December 2012

Me And My Fatkini





I've just gotten back the rest of my photos from the shoot I did a couple of weeks ago.  I would like to dedicate my fatkini shots to all those out there who ever said bigger girls can't wear bikinis.  I want to tell them that I am beautiful, and I LOVE every inch of my plus-size body -- from my cellulite to my stretch marks to my belly rolls.  These so-called "flaws" aren't flaws at all.  They encompass a part of my body and thus of myself.  Without these things I wouldn't really be me.  I have no desire to be smaller.  I have no desire to be tighter or more muscular or get myself some abs.  THIS IS ME.  I'm no one to judge.  I have no right to tell people, skinny or fat, how to feel or what to think or what to want in regards to body image.  But I do have the right to tell you all that what you see above, including my thick tummy, jiggly thighs and chunky cheeks, is my perception of beauty.  And anyone who really doesn't like it, well, you're free to click away from my page.  No one's forcing you to visit a blog dedicated to promoting pudge.  But for all those of you who are more open-minded and appreciate varying types of beauty and aesthetic attraction, thanks for stopping by ;)


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