11 December 2012

London Plus-Size Fashion Weekend: I Knew The U.K. Was MorePro-Plus-Size!


I’ve always suspected that England is far more fat-friendly than the U.S.  Each time I’ve visited the U.K., whether I was in London, Leeds or Liverpool, I observed the way plus-size gals strutted their stuff proudly, and the fact that not a single person seemed to throw negative glances or mockery their way.  I remember when two of my lovely, albeit boy-band-susceptible, female friends coerced me into going to a Wanted concert at O2 Arena (yes, I am excruciatingly ashamed), I was thrilled because although the concert was filled with unnecessary pyrotechnics, neon lights soaring through the sky, fire coming out of the floorboards and thousands of screaming teeny boppers, chubby chicks rocked tight clothes that showed off their voluptuous figures – and absolutely no one gave a damn.

This just isn’t something you see often in the states – most remotely chunky girls here shop with the mentality that they must find “form-fitting” apparel…something usually black and flowy that hides every single bulge.  But in the U.K., the Wanted concert wasn’t the only example I witnessed of plus-size confidence – practically every curvy/fat/even obese gal wore the clothes many Americans associate with being designated for size 0-6 ladies.  I even recall one of my aforementioned friends telling me she too noticed the way plus-size women radiated far more confidence than they do in the U.S.  Granted I don’t live in England (yet!), and thus my observations, and my friend’s, are based on short visits…but I firmly believe my suspicions are correct.  New evidence: London will be hosting its first plus-size fashion weekend in February 2013.

London PSFW

To be held February 16-17, London Plus-Size Fashion Weekend aims to, “ENHANCE, EDUCATE, EMPOWER and SUPPORT the U.K. plus-size industry by connecting the dots between the retailers, designers and consumers,” as says their slogan.  This innovative concept emerged when Remi Ray, the founder of the blog “Trapped in a Skinny World” combined with Evolve Magazine in the aim of creating an event that’d transform the plus-size world more than ever before.  If you ask me, gathering plus-size women from all over the U.K. and Europe, not to mention designers, retailers and celebrities who support the cause, is definitely revolutionary.

I’m pretty bummed that I won’t be able to witness LPSFW with my own eyes as I will unfortunately be wrapping up my final semester at university.  But I cannot wait to see the photos and the news coverage and the results of having such a huge, pro-plus event in one of the most influential cities of the world.  My hope is that this event will become a staple in the fashion world, perhaps transitioning into an annual affair, and of course if it does, I’ll undoubtedly be in the audience come 2014.


  1. I will definitely be going to this :)

  2. Ahh! So jealous. Take loads of pictures for me xx :)

  3. I would like to go to that event :)

  4. Thanks for writing this article and for all those who would like to come along please check out www.lpsfw.com for information on how to get your tickets



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