17 December 2012

Gok Wan Makes Plus-Size Gals Some Super Sexy Lingerie

As usual, the Huffington Post never fails at delivering the latest news in the world of curvesGok Wan, the fashion expert and blogger for the Post has taken a stab at designing plus-size lingerie.  Don't be fooled by the photos of the non plus-size model.  We all know plus-size models aren't ever THAT big.  But for all you curvy chicks out there, once you ignore the fact that the women in the photos aren't emblematic of the customers Wan seeks to attract, you'll surely find something that catches your eye.

His line is basically comprised of retro meets vintage meets Romantic period meets I Love Lucy sort-of-designs.  Considering I adore the 60s and the 20s and Nathaniel Hawthorene AND Lucille Ball, I'm already a big fan on Wan's lingerie.  Sure, he's got some things I don't approve of, like shape-wear (a concept that makes no sense to me...how do people expect to encourage big women to show off their bodies by giving them apparel designed to hide any evidence of fat?) but for the most part it's all wonderfully classy/fun/all around wonderous.

The designs resulted from a collaboration with SLiNK Magazine and SimplyBe, three lovers and proponents of plus-size acceptance.  What I most like about the line is that it actually carries a wide range of sizes, from 14 to 32.  From my observations thus far, plus-size divisions of stores, both online and at shopping centers, usually carry sizes 12 to 20.  And really, a 20 isn't that big!  I mean, I'm a 16 and I can barely find my size at most retailers that claim to carry plus-sizes.  But Gok Wan seems to want to cater to the actual BBW -- not the 6'2" size 12 model who looks just as thin as a 5'5" size 2 gal.

Though I would have loved to see BBWs rocking these lingerie items on Wan's site and on SimplyBe, I cannot deny Michelle from Milk Model Management looks lovely in them.  But I must admit, I think putting Plump Princess or Sailor Rose in them would've been a much better marketing plan!








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