20 December 2012

Chubby Girls Love Chocolate&Wine

Wine and Chocolate

Today is the first of many Christmas celebrations I will be partaking in. The perks of having divorced parents and family spread from the tri-state region to southern Florida to the other side of the Atlantic are primarily that you get to have something like a dozen Christmas meals and a whole lot of presents. Call me materialistic, but I LOVE presents! Luckily enough, my family loves giving presents, so I've just been given a Dooney&Burke bag, a Calvin Klein Jacket and black, leather boots. Though my wardrobe has been blessed during this first festivity, the present I most enjoyed was my 1-pound box of Sweet Expressions chocolates accompanied by a 1.5 liter bottle of strawberry sinfrandale. This wonderfully assorted box has everything from salted caramel chocolates to banana filled truffles to peppermint bark patties to dark chocolate, raspberry jelly-filled pops.

As usual, however, my little brother attempted to make my joy short-lived with his skinny-centric 13-year-old mindset. Not a fan of my blog or plus-size acceptance, he started going on and on about the obesity crisis in Ameria and how I'm not helping by stuffing myself with chocolate and then writing about it. Granted, he is 13 and doesn't really know anything behind weight/genes/health/science. But it got me thinking...what do I really want to convey in this blog?

I said in my very first post that I'm not a proponent of child obesity or any such thing. To be honest, I'm not a proponent of anything in particular other than a person's right to choose how they look, what they eat and do whatever they want to frikin do. To my pubescent brother, being skinny is everything. He wants to be skinny. He wants his girlfriend to be skinny. He wants skinny friends. Just because I'm not like that doesn't mean I don't think he is perfectly entitled to feel this way and want these things (even if he does voice the things he wants and feels in a very sarcastic, rude fashion). Of course, no one says anything negative to him regarding his perceptions because he is entitled to them and they are the norm. Conversely, if I voice appreciation for fat, an absurdly but not surprisingly large amount of people will say something negative. But like my little brother, I am entitled to my perceptions. I think this is my main point in covering plus-size news and voicing my own love of all things plus-size -- the point that beauty and sex appeal and physical satisfaction are all individual, personal needs, desires and ideals. What is sexy to one person isn't necessarily sexy to another. What tastes delicious to me may not taste delicious to you. Someone may adore spending hours in the gym each day, I don't. I may relish in eating all those yummy chocolates you see above with my sweet, sparkling wine, but not everyone would.

My ramblings and writings focus on plus-size topics because quite frankly, these are the ones I most relate to and enjoy speaking about. I love hearing about plus-size ladies gaining recognition. I love fat pride. I love BBW modeling. I love FOOD. My love affair with such things is one I also want to express and create a gateway for because let's face it, there aren't nearly as many magazines or blogs or books or television shows dedicated to fat women as there are to skinny ones -- and this isn't something I'm ok with. Though I don't see it ever being equal per say, I enjoy being able to create just another small place larger ladies and lovers thereof can feel they're being appreciated, desired, loved. I'm taking the opportunity to say all this now, well, because my little brother was also talking about the impending end of the world in just over 24 hours (this should probably show he isn't really one to listen to), but in the event that something does happen (it won't) I just want to say thank you to all those who've read, commented and followed for being a part of Big&Beautiful&Bold. And I want to get everything out in the open point blank. Do I think fat is beautiful? Yes. Do I expect everyone in the world to feel this way? No. Do I think everyone is entitled to look the way they want? Yes. That right there is my biggest point, and my biggest hope is that someday a chubby chick will go through life without receiving a single negative comment, bitchy stare or teeny-bopper torture. Well, that, and that someday I can eat my whole box of chocolates and drink my bottle of wine with no snarky criticism following it.


  1. I perfectly agree that everyone is entitled to like what they want to. I don't expect that every guy should like bigger women. Even myself have a preference in the way my man looks; I like guys with broad shoulders and chicken legs. However, I also don't make fun of or make negative comments toward those who look differently than what I like nor do expect a man to conform to a body shape based on my ideals. Just because someone does not prefer a certain body shape does not mean that they are entitled to be hateful toward it.

  2. I agree completely. You can't expect everyone to like what you like, but I think expecting people to respect your preferences is reasonable. I don't make fun of those who look differently than my preference, because comes in all shapes and sizes. But I would love if one day the particular body type I like in reference to myself isn't criticized and mocked by such a large portion of people.


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