01 December 2012

25 Days Of Christmas, 25 Days of Eating


Some people count down the last three and a half weeks to Christmas in expectation of presents, snow, ornamental trees or Santa Clause. I’m counting down in expectation of the food and drinks. It’s officially December and this means we can start stuffing our faces and guzzling down all those favorite wintertime treats. If there were such a thing as an appropriate time to succumb to weight related inhibitions, now would not be it. It's time to eat, eat and eat more, indulging in all those things that go hand in hand with the winter months. I present you with my delicious Christmas list, for cultivating some delicious Christmas curves. ;)
  1. Gingerbread: be it a house, a cookie, a cake pop, a latte – gingerbread is an essential for getting into the Christmas spirit and making that belly happy.

  2. Haagen-Dazs’s Peppermint Bark ice cream: it’s got white chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate chunks and crushed peppermint pieces – enough said.

  3. Hot Buttered Rum: a mouthwatering mix of rum, butter, hot cider and nutmeg – this is sort of what I imagine Harry Potter’s butter beer tastes like.

  4. Rice Pudding: cinnamon, raisins and a fluffy texture, the perfect dessert for when you’re so full you just need something light to help the food go down.

  5. Devils on Horseback: while dates stuffed with mango chutney and wrapped in bacon may sound a bit gross, this weird combination of sweet and savory is just delightful.

  6. Eggnog: just add some spiced rum and you’ve got one of the tastiest holiday beverages out there.

  7. Turkey: erm, did anyone think turkey was just for Thanksgiving? Pass me the gravy please.

  8. Pecan Pie: I’m a sucker for molasses, what can I say?

  9. Russian Tea Cake: this simple combo of nuts, flour, water and butter may resemble a powdered munchkin from Dunkin Donuts. But combined with a peppermint mocha latte, it’s absolutely scrumptious.

  10. Chestnuts: roasted chestnuts – you’ve heard the song.

  11. Thomas Hardy’s Ale: I’m not the biggest fan of ale/beer, but there’s something about this one that’s just ideal for those nights you’re wrapped under a fuzzy blanket next to the fireplace – preferably with a special someone.

  12. Figgy Pudding: I used to refuse to eat figgy pudding because, well, figs look unpleasant. But mixed with brandy…yum.

  13. Panforte: Italians just do fruit cake so much better.

  14. Candycanes: never understood why people put these sweet, minty treats on their trees – they’re of much better use when in your tummy, plus they give you fresh breath.

  15. Boiled Custard: don’t be fooled, it may look like eggnog but it’s much richer. Some people plop boiled custard onto their desserts while others drink it. Personally I prefer drinking it.

  16. Roast Goose: I had my first roast goose at a Chinese New Year’s party, and while the very apparent dead animal before my eyes freaked me out entirely, once I sucked it up and tried I was hooked.

  17. Rum Balls: why do the best things look like mini donuts? You just can’t go wrong when you mix chocolate and rum.

  18. Marzipan: it’s made into sweets, often comes inside chocolate, can be icing on a cake and smells like almonds. Perfection.

  19. Christmas Ham: something about ham at Christmas-time is just so very right.

  20. Cranberry Sauce: well if you’re going to have Christmas ham, it needs to be drenched in cranberry sauce.

  21. Sugar Plum: I love dried fruit, I love honey, I love almonds – i.e. sugar plums are frikin amazing.

  22. Sweet Potato Pie: sweet potatoes baked into a floury crust and topped with marshmallows = Maria Conchita’s favorite savory dessert.

  23. Mince Pie: the English made something pretty spectacular here – these pies can be sweet, savory, filled with fruit, stuffed with meat, but no matter what, they’re always mouth-watering.

  24. Apple Cider: so sweet, so much better than apple juice – the perfect accompaniment to all your Christmas dinners when you’re just not in the mood for alcohol.

  25. Mulled Wine: and when you are in the mood for alcohol, nothing could be a better end to a chilly December night than indulging in hot wine next to the Christmas tree.
There you go people. Start counting down those days – and in the meantime, there’s plenty to snack on.


  1. yes! I grew up with apple cider with Christmas dinner. My mom got the tradition from her grandmother. And I continue it today. Let's hear it for pecan pie, too. I spike mine with bourbon; a southern liquor for a southern pie.

  2. Ooh that pecan pie sounds delicious! Thank you for reading and commenting :)

  3. It's the most wonderful time of the year- and that includes the food!


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