21 November 2012

Screw Winter, Let's Buy A Bikini


Who says you can't buy bikinis in late November? I'm going to be spending the holidays in Florida, so actually I needed to get a bikini anyway. But even if I was just going to stay in the winter wonderland that New York will soon become, I would still purchase this retro swimsuit from ModCloth. The Beach Blanket Bingo Two-Piece is available in plus sizes, and I'm proud to say I've just purchased it in a 16.

It's funny, I never used to wear bikinis. I let myself believe that chunky girls just weren't supposed to parade their half naked bods. But this past summer I got my first teeny bikini after seeing the size 18 fashion blogger Gabi Gregg's swimsuit photos. She gave me the inspiration I needed to buy a bikini and walk around the beach confidently. Come Christmas in Florida if I get any dirty looks I'm simply telling the culprits to shut their eyes if they don't like it.

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