24 November 2012

Positively Plus: This Is Christina

I've known the lovely Christina for over a decade now, and though our friendship has had its highs and lows (mainly due my silly 11-year-old self who essentially broke up with her in order to try joining the popular crowd -- which I soon realized I actually wanted no part of), she's been a solid part of my life since the 5th grade.  Our bodies have gone through the same sort of ordeals, from what seemed like skyrocketing pubescent weight gain to the unnecessary dieting of teenage girls.  But now we've both found ourselves happy with our bodies and our curves...finally!

I thought what better to celebrate this new found self-love than to do a photo shoot channeling her prettiness -- and besides, we never turn down an opportunity to have a pseudo fashion show.  Though unfortunately I lack a proper studio and thus we had to take these in the guest bedroom, I think her style and infectious personality come across adequately -- she's such a fun-loving, intelligent and sassy young woman with a ridiculously loud laugh that no one can ignore, but that once you're around enough you can't help but love, and I had an incredibly fun afternoon turning her into my own personal doll.  You're beautiful darling!

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