23 November 2012

Plus-Size Magazine App Comes To The i-World

Swoons, faints, falls over! Plus-Size Magazine and Ma-Grande-Taille have combined to make something wondrous – the first plus-size magazine app.  Available on the Apple Store for $1.99 a month, Curvissime (really love the Italian-esque name btw) will cover everything from plus-size celebrity news to real stories from chubby ladies to plus-size fashion.  Well, essentially what I’m trying to do, they’ve done on an app.

The monthly magazine will include interviews with chunky icons, exclusive articles and high definition photography.  I cannot wait to download this on my iPhone.

It really makes me so happy to hear positive news about the plus-size community.  With so much trash circulating that so-and-so is too fat, or this designer won’t make clothes until this celebrity looses weight, it’s so refreshing when amidst all the garbage you find one piece of good news.  I remember almost falling over when Marie Claire hired plus-size columnist/blogger Nicolette Mason, and today I am just as thrilled.  Though I have the impending doom sort of feeling that Curvissime won’t be the most successful thing in the world, I do think it’s the start of something beautiful (no reference to Porcupine Tree although their music can be rather soothing).

The reality (which I proudly state for all those pudge haters) is that plus-size acceptance, be it through fashion or celebrity or art, is happening…and maybe all it takes is one little app taking a step toward something really BIG.

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