20 November 2012

Bitch, Give Me Back My Cake Pop

I woke up half an hour early today with the sole purpose of stopping at Starbucks to attain my perfect fall combo: a peppermint mocha and a salted caramel cake pop.  Yes, I know it's not exactly traditional to eat cake pops at 7 a.m. but it was cold and I was cranky and well, I like cake pops.

I boarded the N train headed downtown, cake pop and coffee in hand, so excited to start my day with a sugary treat, which would hopefully wake me up and prepare me for the 12-hour day ahead of me.  But as we stopped at the Union Square station and I unwrapped my cake pop, what looked like the female version of Snoop Dog snatched it out of my hand and fled the train.  This is not a lie.  The gold-chained bitch literally stole my cake pop.  Normally I would chase after her -- I mean you don't just steal another girl's morning dessert.  But before I knew it she was gone and the train was moving along its path, unaware of the tragedy that had just occurred.

Now I'm cake pop-less and completely not ready to face the day. #fatgirlproblems


  1. Oh lordy! I just read this out load to my hubby and almost wet myself laughing!! Not at you mind you but at the fact that those very words could have come from my mouth.... and I'm sorry but ANY thing that starts with "Bitch, Give Me Back My Cake Pop" is gunna be a giggle fest!!

  2. Haha omg that was such a terrible moment for me. It threw me into a sad spiral for the rest of my cake pop-less day! Glad you giggled though :) In retrospect I suppose it's quite funny.


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