29 November 2012

Big&Beautiful&Bold And Fractal Fish Graphics Present To You: ChubbyJournalist-Girl!

Whenever there is fear in the hearts of the large and lardy, whenever evil in the form of diet troupes, exercise fiends or health critics casts a shadow over our land, one girl…one chubby girl, will take a stand!

Her powers include but are not limited to:
  1. Sticking up for any and every plus-size boy, girl, man or woman who's being bullied or made to feel worthless.

  2. Bashing the ignorant, uninformed, judgmental enemies of pudgy princes and princesses, and threatening such foes with the inescapable magnitude of her bottom.

  3. Charming sources into giving her stories by means of contagious double-chinned giggling.

  4. The ability to consume mass amounts of food whenever and if ever is necessary.

  5. Providing the world with images of real, plus-size women who take risks with their wardrobes, defend their chunky allies and aren’t afraid to broadcast their confidence.

  6. A total lack of inhibitions when it comes to blatant public fatness – i.e.: dancing badly, showing off her rolls and a superhuman ability to squeeze into anything up to three sizes too small.

  7. Seducing enemies with her cocoa butter meets Ben&Jerry’s aroma, only to give them a piece of her mind once they’re trapped.

  8. Putting straight any false health claim, negative sexual assumption or archaic stereotype made in regards to being overweight.

  9. Seeking out fellow plus-size bloggers, models, celebrities, authors or any such person/organization that support the advancement of plus-size acceptance and the evolution of a jiggle-fied world, where any chunky lady or stud can walk the streets unashamed.

  10. All in all, supporting and spreading the cause for being big&beautiful&bold.
So when you’re in need of a porky pal, a corpulent compadre, a pro-plus-size proponent, someone to share in the love of being round…do not fear, Chubby Journalist-Girl is here!

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